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Ms Tourism Sri Lanka International 2016 - Crowning of Ms. Netherlands

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NOTICE - Request for Proposal – Operation of Bunkering Facility at Port of Hambantota o .....

The Embassy of the Democratic  Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in the Netherlands wishes  to  bring  to  the   notice  of  a  Request  for  Proposal –  Operation  of  Bunkering  Facility  at  Port  .....

Notice -Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Prequalification to Bid for the .....

The  Embassy  of  Sri  Lanka  in  The  Netherlands  wishes  to  bring  to  the  notice  of  an  Invitation  for  Expression  (EOI)  for  Prequalification   to  Bid  for  th .....

NOTICE -Request for Proposal – 2016 (April) for the Business Ventures in Port of Hambantot .....

Request for Proposal – 2016 (April)  for  the  Business  Ventures  in  Port  of  Hambantota  of  Sri  Lanka

Invitation to Play under Sri Lanka Flag

The  Embassy  of  Sri  Lanka  in  The  Netherlands  is  pleased  to  convey  herewith  an  invitation  received  from  the  Ministry  of  Sports  of  Sri  Lanka,  for  all& .....

Immediate Flood Relief Assistance in Sri Lanka

As  you  would  be  aware,  due  to  the  heavy  rains  and  consequent  floods and  landslides in the  past  few  days  in  Sri  Lanka  many  people  have  lost  their  li .....