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Peraheras are spectacular pageants that draw thousands of people every year both nationally and internationally. It is a magnificent display of traditional dancing, music, chanting, puppetry, fire eating, and drumming that can leave you spellbound for months. The intense faith of the devotees, the powerful music, and the majestic elephants transcend the mundane and transform onlookers onto a spiritual level.

Kandy Esala Perahera – This is world renowned and attracts visitors from all parts of Sri Lanka and worldwide. It lasts for fifteen days. The last two nights comprising the Randoli peraheras are spectacular and the grandest of them all.

Kataragama- A spectacular procession is held in Kataragama. It incorporates the faiths of the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Veddhas (natives), and Hindu people.  It celebrates the island’s cultural diversity.”

Dondra Perahera – The Dondra Temple Perahera is held in a coastal town. It is a beautiful pageant held in the intimate town of Dondra.

Saman Devale Perahera –  The Saman Devale in Ratnapura organizes its annual perahera in July and August.

Mahiyangana Perahera – The Mahiynagana Perahera is unique as it includes the native Veddhas (aborigines of Sri Lanka) in the procession. It is held in the town of Mahiyangana.