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Travel tips for single women

Travel Tips for the Solo Woman Travellers

Single women need to journey with special care when they travel in Sri Lanka. If you are a woman traveling on your own, here are some things to be mindful of:


 Make sure your hotel is in a safe neighbourhood - Inquire form locals about hotels, especially in towns that are off the tourist radar. Check that all the doors and windows in your room have locks and that they work. Use common sense about letting strangers into your room.

Avoid solo night travel - Avoid deserted streets after dark. If you do walk at night then carry a small, heavy flashlight in your hand. If you are at a reserve park like Yala, there may be wandering elephants, leopards, vipers, and bears after dark.

Health and female hygiene matters - If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before you leave for your destination. If you take prescription medication, make sure you have enough to last the duration of the trip. If you anticipate your menstrual cycle then carry some pads or Tampax with you.

Research your destination - Make an effort to learn about the locations you plan to visit. For example if you are visiting a Buddhist temple then wearing kinky shorts will not be appropriate.

Valuable documents - Make sure that your travel documents are in order. Keep extra copies handy. Store copies of your itinerary in your e-mail account so that they can be accessed from anywhere. Keep your passport with you at all times.

Dress conservatively - You are on a travel excursion, not on the catwalk. Dress conservatively to prevent unwanted attention and harassment.

Leave the “Bling” behind - Travelling in Sri Lanka as a single woman may not be the best time for you to show off your “bling,” whether genuine or fake.

Be a “Whistle Blower” - A whistle may cost you just a few cents but could potentially save your life in an unexpected situation. A whistle is especially handy if you are hiking by yourself or walking in a remote location. It is great for drawing attention to yourself, especially if you are being followed or being harassed by a man.

Tell your whereabouts to a trustworthy person - Keep someone regularly informed about your whereabouts. Make sure however, that the person you inform is trustworthy, sincere, and is looking out for your interests.