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Communicating in Sinhala

Sinhala Phrases for your vocabulary
Knowing a few phrases in the local dialect can transform your travel experiences in a positive direction.

Here are some Sinhala phrases to remember:
Hello - Kohomada

Thank you - Bohoma Isthutthi

 How are you? - Kohomada?

How much is this? - Meka Keeyada?

Where is the temple? -Pansala koheda?

Where is the bus stand? - Bus stand eka koheda?

Can I take your photo? - Pinthuriyak gannada?

This food is too spicy- Kema sera vedi

I don’t feel well - Mata saneepa nehe

Do you have drinking water? - Bona vatura thiyanavada?

Where is the bathroom? - Bathroom eka koheda?

What time is it? - Velava keeyada?

Where is the telephone? - Telephone eka koheda?

What is the nearest Internet café? - Internet café ekakk langa thiyenavada?

At what time are we leaving? – Api keeyatada yanne?

Where is the railway station? – Railway station eka koheda?

Good morning – Suba udesanak Weva

Good bye – Gihin ennam

You are beautiful – oya hari lassanai

What is this? – meka mokakda?

This is too expensive – Meka ganang vedi

I need to go – Mata yanna oney

I don’t eat meat – Mama mas kanne nehe

Sri Lanka is beautiful – Sri Lankawa harima lassanai

It is too hot – Harima rassnei