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Buddhist Attractions in Beruwela

Beruwela is an ideal place to visit – both for transit travellers mingling in Colombo for a day or two, as well as for the fun seeker travelling on a month long vacation. It is primarily known for the sun-kissed beaches. Sightseeing some of the Buddhist attractions however, offers a pleasant deviation from sun bathing and snorkelling.
Kande Viharaya, Aluthgama - Kande Viharaya has an old temple, which dates back to 1734 as well as new temples on the premises. A majestic, gigantic Buddha statue is the main attraction. The place is packed with visitors, especially on weekends. Colourful stalls selling flowers, trinkets, fruit baskets, and snacks flock the temple area.
How to get there: The Kande Vihare lies on the border of Beruwela and Aluthgama. When you are coming from Colombo, just as you pass the bridge, take the road to your left . About 1km to the interior of the road lies Kande Viharaya. The name of the road leading to it is Devale Road.

Panchakapaduwa Island Meditation Center, Beruwela - Panchakapaduwa Island Meditation Center is the hidden jewel in Beruwela. The island is covered by a dense jungle. There is a beautiful temple in the island which offers spectacular views of the ocean. There is also a kuti area where lanterns are lit at night to conduct pooja ceremonies.
How to get there: When you are going from Bentota, right after the Bentota Bridge there is a road to your left that houses many beachfront hotels. Take a right and immediately take your left. After traveling just a few yards you will see a narrow road to your right. This road leads to the beach. Be prepared to pay between Rs.500- Rs. 1000 for the boat ride if you are going from Beruwela.

Sapugoda Temple - The Sapugoda Temple lies in a peaceful compound, with a large well and thick bushes on a cliff greeting you as you enter. The compound is surrounded by a beautiful lawn and coconut trees. The old temple lies on a cliff, and is on the left hand side.
How to get there: When coming from Colombo just past Beruwela town, about 1 km away, is a road to your right called Temple Road. Take a right and travel about another kilometre.