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High Quality of Life

Sri Lanka offers a variety of educational facilities ranging from public and private educational establishments to international schools following British and American curricula. The best secondary schools are of a very high standard. Annually a large number of Sri Lankan students enter top rated universities such as the Ivy League schools in the US, and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK.

Language education in French, German and Japanese is also available through various educational institutions.

Medical Facilities
Sri Lanka has a number of well-equipped public and private hospitals located throughout the country.

A wide range of housing and accommodation is available to suit different lifestyles.

Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of entertainment from its theatre and movies to the nightclubs and casinos, which are located throughout the capital city, Colombo. Numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs offer a range of both western and eastern cuisines.

Public Holidays
Sri Lanka being a multi-religious, multi-ethnic country, has a number of public holidays.