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Registration of Birth and Death

Registration of Birth :

i. The registration of birth of a child under the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance must under normal circumstances be made within three months of the birth. However, if a child of a citizen of Sri Lanka is born abroad, there is an additional requirement under the Citizenship Act that such birth should be registered within one year at the office of the Representative of Sri Lanka in the country of birth or at the Citizenship Division of the Ministry of Defence in Colombo and such children should obtain a Citizenship Certificate from the same Division.

ii. Therefore, when an application is made for the registration of birth under the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance, a valid application for the registration of the child under the Citizenship Act should also be made. Such applications for Citizenship Certificates are forwarded to the Citizenship Division which will process the application and send the Citizenship Certificates to the same Embassy/ consulate for onward transmission to the

iii. If the application for registration of birth is made after 03 months, the reason for the delay should be given in writing at the time of submitting the application “B6”. If the application is made after 1 year, such applications are forwarded to the Registrar General in Colombo for a decision. In such cases an additional declaration form should be completed.

iv. For registration of a birth of a child of a national of Sri Lanka-born outside of Sri Lanka-the father or mother of the child should be a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of the birth of the child. The father or mother of the child may make the application for registration of the birth which should be made in duplicate. The father must be present at the Sri Lanka Embassy to make the application.

v. At the time of making the application for the registration of birth, an application can be made to include the child in mother’s or father’s passport.

vi. To register the birth of a child born to Sri Lanka nationals, the following should be submitted:

Requirements for the Registration of a child birth in The Netherlands

( Three (03) copies of the following should be submitted with the original )

• International birth certificate issued by the authorities of where the birth has taken place.
• Passports of the parents.
• Marriage certificate of the parents. (If parents are not married, both parents should be present at the Embassy if they want to put both parents names, and mother need to submit an affidavit mentioning that she is unmarried when the birth occurs)

• Birth certificates of the parents.
• Statement from the Town Hall(International Uittreksel or with English translation) on applicants nationality.(need to be Sri Lankan when the birth occurs)
• Valid Stay Permits of the parents (Verblijfsvergunning)
• If the request is for a delayed registration, a letter of explanation giving reasons for such delay should be attached.
• A delayed registration request is a request made for a child registration after a lapse of one year from the birth of the child. Every delayed registration request will be forwarded to the Registrar General of Sri Lanka for approval. (Please note that a fee of € 15/- will be charged for every delayed year)

Conditions of registration

• Applicants should make the request to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in The Hague within one year of child birth in order to obtain such registration certificate directly from the Embassy.
• Every delayed Registration request will be forwarded to the Registrar General of Sri Lanka for approval. (Please note that a fee of € 15/- will be charged for every delayed year)


All the Dutch documents (Originals and English Translations) should be legalized/ Authenticated by the Consular Section of  Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken.

All the Sri Lankan documents (Originals) should be legalized/ Authenticated by the Consular Section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo


• Application forms (Form Registration - (B 11)) can be obtained
• From the Consular Division, of this mission between 10.00 a.m. & 1.00 p.m.
• By sending a self addressed, stamped envelope (9' x 6') with a request letter

You are required to submit the following documents for Registration of Deaths of Sri Lankan nationals who have passed away outside Sri Lanka (United Kingdom/Ireland).

Duly perfected application – (Form Registration (B 11))

Passport of the deceased issued by the authority of Sri Lanka with valid visa for the The Netherlands (held by the deceased at the time of his/her death).

Death Certificate issued by the authority of country where the Death occurred (The Netherlands) and a copy of same.

Dual Citizenship and Naturalisation Certificates. (for Dual Citizens only).

This Mission will issue Death Certificates to Sri Lankan Nationals / Dual Citizens (Sri Lanka and any other country) only.

PAYMENT - €35/-


Payment should be made in cash at the counter or by Postal Orders/Bank Drafts written in favour of the "Sri Lanka High Commission" if sent by post. Personal cheques and credit cards are not accepted. Fees sent from Ireland should be by Bank Draft.

All original certificates will be returned after perusal.

If the certificates and documents are to be returned by post, you should provide a self-addressed prepaid special delivery envelope to the weight of 2kg along with your application form. The special delivery cover should not be stamped with a postage printout issued by the post office for same day post. Applications sent without prepaid special
delivery cover/ or postage will be retained until the applicant collects it personally.

Note: The Embassy will not take any responsibility for documents lost in the post.

If the applicant is unable to come personally to this Embassy to collect the Certificate/documents, he/she may authorise another person, in writing. The person who comes for collection of documents should produce his identity and the original receipt issued by this High Commission.

All incomplete applications will be returned and payment will not be refunded.