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Visa guidelines for education, employment and Volunteers/ Personnel

Residence Visa

A residence visa is a permit for a non-Sri Lankan to obtain residence facilities for special purposes.There are eight sub-categories which come under residence visas -

1. Employment Category

  • Project Professional personnel whose services are required for projects approved by   the state and expatriate personnel employed in projects under Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka and their dependants
  • Personnel employed at banks and their dependants
  • Volunteers
  • Personnel attached to Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Personnel employed in a project, institution or organization under diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka
  • Personnel employed in a private company and their dependants

2. Investor Category

  • Who desire to invest monetary capital in Sri Lanka
  • Who engage in business activities in Sri Lanka.

3. Religious Category

  • Members of the Clergy

4. Student Category

  • University Students
  • Students in Educational Institutions approved by the State
  • Other Institutions

5. Registered Indians covered by the 1954 Indo-Lanka Agreement.

6. Ex- Sri Lankans and their dependants

7. Family Members of a Sri Lankan

  • Spouses
  • Children holding foreign nationality.

8. Diplomatic and Official visa
9. My Dream Home Visa Programme
10. Resident Guest Visa Programme


To obtain a Residence Visa, it is necessary to arrive in Sri Lanka on an Entry Visa issued by a Sri Lankan Mission abroad with the concurrence of the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration.  The fact that you wish to apply for Sri Lankan Residence Visa has to be mentioned when obtaining the entry visa and necessary supporting documents has to be submitted.

Visit Visas can't be considered for conversion into Residence

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